Afghan Kilim

122 x 92 cm
4 ' 0 " x 3 ' 0 "


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Serial Number48155
122 x 92 cm
4 ' 0 " x 3 ' 0 "
Weave TypeFlatweave
Material100% Wool
Pile Height4-5mm

The Kilim Afghan Heritage collection masterfully blends traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Handwoven using age-old methods and hand-spun wool, these Kilims reflect a rich cultural heritage through their geometric patterns, fitting seamlessly into contemporary interiors.

Each piece is unique, combining centuries-old colors and designs with a modern aesthetic. Crafted in Afghanistan, these carpets are contemporary historical artifacts, unrivaled in design and quality. Made from premium natural wool, they add a personalized touch to your home. This collection represents exceptional value, infusing your space with a piece of cultural heritage.

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