Veramin Kilim

292 x 196 cm
9 ' 6 " x 6 ' 5 "


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Serial Number171272
292 x 196 cm
9 ' 6 " x 6 ' 5 "
Weave TypeFlatweave Kilim
Material100% wool
Pile Height4-5mm
OriginVeramin - Persia
Veramin kilims from near Tehran blend local weaving traditions with Kurdish influences, the legacy of sixteenth-century Kurdish settlers from Khorassan. These textiles display Kurdish-style details like extra-weft outlining, adding depth to their geometric and stylised designs. Characterised by earthy tones and vibrant accents, these kilims are crafted from high quality hand-spun wool, dyed traditionally to ensure richness and durability. Veramin kilims are versatile and they can serve as floor coverings, wall hangings or decorative throws. They are not just aesthetically appealing but also embody a fusion of cultural heritage, reflecting the artistic expression of Veramin weavers and the enduring impact of Kurdish craftsmanship.

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