“Rug” vs “Carpet”

What’s the difference between a Persian rug and a Persian carpet?

The words “rug” and “carpet” are often used interchangeably. You’ll see either of these words on store signs, in books and right here, on our website. For the general public, there isn’t much difference between the two (which is why we use them interchangeably here), although most would refer to a rug as a floorcovering that covers just part of the floor while a carpet can cover all or part of the floor. However, for the more discerning client, there is a slight difference between a floorcovering that has been labeled a rug and one that has been labeled a carpet.

Technically, it all has to do with size
The basic difference between a rug and a carpet is, indeed, size. In the industry, rugs generally refer to floorcoverings that measure under 1.8m x 2.7m. Floorcoverings that are larger are known as carpets.

Because the words are confused, some in the industry clarify by using the term area rug, which can only mean something that covers just a portion of the floor.

Another Difference
Another difference that may be implied can relate to quality and construction. Some would never refer to a smaller machine made, hooked floorcovering with a glued backing as a “rug”, but we believe this rule is more arbitrary.

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