Tips on general care of hand made carpets

1. Carpets can be vacuumed as often as needed but it is important that vacuuming is done in a way that it doesn’t change the natural direction of the pile. It is advisable that you always vacuum the rug in direction of the nap.

2. Rotate the carpet once in a while. This would prevent uneven ware and the carpet will age evenly. The rotation is particularly important when one part of the rug is exposed constantly to strong sun or walked on more than other parts.

3. The fringes are the weakest part of a carpet. Avoid vacuuming them when not necessary. If the floor is cleaned, make sure it is completely dry before putting the carpet and specially the fringes back on the floor. The liquids that are used for cleaning floor often contain chemicals that can damage carpets and their fringes seriously.

4. Most of the time the fringes are reinforced with a thread that is knotted where the pile ends. This helps to protect the fringes and stops pile from unraveling. If you find it loose, you can take the rug to a specialist to redo it or just simply reinforce it by sewing it (in zigzag) to the carpet.

5. Water can damage the carpets seriously. If your carpets get wet scrape the water out using spoon (if it is a small spot) or a hard surface like a tray. Use a dry towel to dry the spot further and put the carpet flat on the floor and if possible under the sun to dry. Avoid hanging them because the dyes might run. The slight running of color can be cleared if the carpet is left under strong sun for a few days. In such cases carpet got to be checked everyday to make sure the effect of sun on other colors is not dramatic.

6. If you spill red wine on the carpet, pour salt on the spot. It would absorb the tint. If stain remains refer to a specialist.

7. For food stains, pour some plain water on the spot, scoop the water out with a spoon. Repeat until the stain is gone. If necessary a little bid of normal hair shampoo and a soft brush can be used. Always remember to return the pile to original direction after such cleanings.

8. Washing is not necessary if the carpet doesn’t look dirty. To wash your carpets always consult a reputable specialist.

9. Sun your carpets once every few months. This will help to keep the insects and fungus away.

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