City of Kashan is situated on the edge of deserts of central Iran. Kashan has become an industrial city in past thirty years. City that once was famous as one of the largest hand made carpet production centres in Iran is now better known for it's machine made carpet factories. However there are still some carpets that are produced in the city and surrounding villages although the volume of the production and quality is not comparable with the past. Modern Kashans are mostly in classic Shah … [Read more...]

FARS AREA, Shiraz, Qashghai, Gabbeh…

Situated in southern Iran, home to various ethnic groups such as Kurds, Lurs and Arabs, Fars province is one of the most important centers of carpet production in Iran. Both kilims and carpets are produced there in variety of sizes but generally not larger than 300x200 centimeters. Depending on the geographic location of the weavers or their ethnicity Fars carpets are classified as tribal or village carpets. Major tribal ones are: Lori, Qashghai, Khamseh and Gabbeh. Khamseh and Qashghais are … [Read more...]


Josheghan (No 42 in the map) is a town in northern-central Iran, near the famous city of Kashan (No 20 in the map). Carpets are produced there since early sixteen centuries. One of the most traditional designs that is produced there is jungle design (pictures attached); a name given to such carpets due to the numerous stylized trees that normally decorates the field. Josheghans are woven in different sizes from small (about 200x130cm) to large ones but the most common size is about 320 by 230 … [Read more...]

Ziglar & Chubi

Zeigler and Co. a firm of Manchester, England, exported carpets from Persia (Iran) for a period from late 19th century to early 20th century. During this era, they commissioned many weavers in central and north west Iran to produce carpets in colors and designs that were more suitable for their western markets. Today such carpets that are generally called Ziegler are rare and very collectable. The carpets that are sold today as Chubi or Ziglars are reproduction of such rugs in colors and … [Read more...]

Tips on general care of hand made carpets

1. Carpets can be vacuumed as often as needed but it is important that vacuuming is done in a way that it doesn’t change the natural direction of the pile. It is advisable that you always vacuum the rug in direction of the nap. 2. Rotate the carpet once in a while. This would prevent uneven ware and the carpet will age evenly. The rotation is particularly important when one part of the rug is exposed constantly to strong sun or walked on more than other parts. 3. The fringes are the weakest … [Read more...]


A cartoon is used to help the weaver identify the pattern of the rug, and which color each knot should be. It is drawn to scale on graph paper. Each square represents one knot. … [Read more...]

“Rug” vs “Carpet”

What’s the difference between a Persian rug and a Persian carpet? The words “rug” and “carpet” are often used interchangeably. You’ll see either of these words on store signs, in books and right here, on our website. For the general public, there isn’t much difference between the two (which is why we use them interchangeably here), although most would refer to a rug as a floorcovering that covers just part of the floor while a carpet can cover all or part of the floor. However, … [Read more...]