Custom-Made Rugs

With a profound legacy spanning three centuries in the production and trade of carpets, we've transformed creating exquisite rugs into both a profession and a passion. Our perspective sees the floor as a canvas, a foundational element of interior design. This philosophy drives us to excel in the art of crafting customised rugs that seamlessly blend into your unique interior concept.

As leaders in the carpet world, our influence is interwoven into the warp and weft of the industry. This distinct position allows us to offer a remarkable range of possibilities to our clients across global carpet markets. Our collaboration with designers, architects, builders, and space planners ensures a holistic approach to projects.

When crafting customised rugs, we meticulously consider every facet of the project. From the existing architecture to sumptuous fabrics, vibrant hues, cherished artwork, and the intended function of the space, we merge these elements to reflect the client's personality. Our process culminates in presenting captivating rug designs, vividly illustrated and accompanied by suggested textures and fabrication methods. At the heart of it all, our dedication to creating bespoke rugs reigns supreme.


Examples of Recent Projects

Featured in:   Expat Living Magazine

Customised Rugs for a residance at Bin Tong Park


Customised Rug for a residence at Sentosa Cove.




Custom Rug For The Hour Glass Showroom.

Custom Rug designed & made for Lanxess International.  Proposals: (Artist mockups)

Completed Project: